Who is Rocky Mountain Metaphysics Inc?

Every company is the result of the people who make it work, from the CEO to the janitor to the patrons.  We have amazing customers we refer to as patrons who joined us from day one of launching our website. Patron feedforward is vitally important and invaluable.  We use the term feedforward instead of feedback because we are always and only moving forward.  Your feedforward will help shape the products and services we offer and help us grow to meet your metaphysical needs and exceed your expectations.

Now, let’s introduce you to the people who run Rocky Mountain Metaphysics, Inc. 

 Crowfox KimimilaWi is a dedicated single mother of five children.  She has studied, practiced, and been involved in Metaphysics all her life.  Spiritually and scientifically.  Crowfox is the eternal skeptic who found it difficult to explain the phenomena that have happened to her throughout her childhood.  She began searching for answers at age 8 and found an obscure corner of a well- known book store where the Metaphysics section was relegated to about half a single shelf on an entire bookshelf.  There were only five books to the whole Metaphysics section.  Crowfox knew there had to be more to Metaphysics than five books. The internet didn’t exist then and 64 bit computers were new to home computing.  The only phones were landline phones.  That just gives you an idea of the time period and material available for Crow to do further research.  Crowfox’s lifelong adventure led her to where she is now.

Crowfox resides in southern Colorado.  Her homestead is completely off the grid and so is the company she founded- Rocky Mountain Metaphysics, Inc (RMMI). With this website, she plans to continue to grow RMMI as an off-grid research and educational facility.  Greenhouses, an Orgone generator, a labyrinth, gardens, meditation areas, and housing for visitors are all in the plan in the near future.  She has assembled a dedicated, passionate team who works to realize the same dream. 

 Mark Windon is where the housing comes in.  He has the Bed and Breakfast plan that includes yurt and tipi living for guests who come to learn to live with the earth rather than on it as well as researching their own path in Metaphysics.  Mark has been exposed to Metaphysics his entire life as different branches of practitioners run through his family history through present day.  He is also a professional owner-operator in the Over-the-Road Trucking industry.  Mark keeps RMMI financially on track with its goals. 

Janet Beiriger has always wondered about certain “mystical” things that she has experienced throughout her life but never had a way to fully understand or explore them until she encountered Crowfox.  Through many conversations, and the building of friendship as coworkers at another organization, she and Crowfox began to talk about Rocky Mountain Metaphysics.  Janet decided she wanted to help make RMMI a reality and agreed to come on board- literally- as our third Board member.  Janet is enthusiastic about Metaphysics.  The more she learns,the more she realizes she doesn’t know.  Anyone on the path of Metaphysics can relate to that!  

Janet is enthusiastic about this company and about everything she is learning.  She brings fresh ideas and challenges to RMMI.  We are excited to have her with us.

As the website becomes established and grows, we will add a brick-and-mortar store in southern Colorado.  We will add a research and development center as well where Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and others who researched and discovered what are now suppressed technologies can continue to be studied and their technologies put to the test.  We will build greenhouses to grow organic foods and herbs.  We will experiment with Orgone, build an Orgone generator, place it in the middle of a labyrinth for the public to enjoy.  We will host conferences in the Rockies as well.

This website is just the beginning.  Thank you for joining us on our journey.  Welcome, fellow travelers!


RMMI Board of Directors